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Canberra Taekwon-Do Academy






 Traditional Taekwon-Do provides discipline, focus and stillness that are great attributes to help you in your day-to-day life; whether you are at school, full time study or in a high-pressure position.


Activity and concentration is a prominent issue for many young people in today’s society. Understanding that technology has taken over many of us with a sedentary life style.


Traditional Taekwon-do is a scientificly based art. This means the actions (when taught by a properly qualified instructor) are actually good for the body and not abrasive on the body and joints like many other martial arts. This scientific base is also why Taekwon-do is renowned for being the most powerful art when it comes to application of striking, wether that be with the hand or foot.


At the Canberra Taekwon-Do Academy, the fitness level attainable is progressive and self paced from our beginners to senior belts and extends right through to our representative level. We have a great support base and reputation with Individuals from this dojang, having represented Australia,  resulting in medals at World Championships.


 As we all know when it comes to training there is nothing more satisfying than punching the bag or focus mitts. At the Canberra Taekwon-Do Academy we also teach you to defend yourself and this means that often controlled supervised attack and defensive sessions (sparring) where contact occurs. Of course, defensive headgear and mouth guards are mandatory with this practice.

Many Martial art schools do not have contact in their training, practicing non contact sparring only. Unfortunately training without contact doesn't teach the spatial awareness or real ability to defend yourself, more importantly contact training provides self-confidence, self-respect and self-knowledge or an understanding of your capabilities in comparison to others.

This and many other qualities set us apart from other martial arts schools which can often give a false sense of ability or opinion in regards to the actual level or ability of the practitioner. How can you claim your proficient at something without testing your ability against another? For instance the world champion boxer didn’t obtain his title from being the worlds best shadow boxer.


The Canberra Taekwon-do Academy is the premier Taekwon-do school in Canberra. 





Photo Courtesy of Geoff Gordon